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Exactly where you should be

Imagine a light breeze caressing your skin under the Sicilian sun, an amazing light that lights up the contours of citrus trees, palm trees, and prickly pears, and finally the waves of the sea, and then along the cliffs to the distant shadow of the horizon.

Imagine you open your eyes and find you’re exactly where you dreamed you would be. It’s almost evening so you sip a drink in the panoramic veranda of the Hotel Bel Soggiorno and a piano plays soft timeless notes. In front of you a terraced garden with magical scent of citrus, olive trees, almonds and prickly pears, and there lies the Bay of Naxos, open before you and dominated by the majestic, unmistakable shape of Mount Etna.

A living presence that soon becomes familiar after your first arrival: a lounge with windows and a bar in the corner, which continues along a bright veranda with wrought iron on the sea. Along the sides, two terraces with lava-ornamented tables offer you a 180 degree panorama. There will always be a place reserved for you here, at any time of the day, starting with breakfast.

Take a good book with you, or if you forget it you’ll find a good library with international books: our garden is always open and large enough to offer privacy and tranquility to all guests. You will stop to enjoy the beauty of our Sicily for as long as you like.

What our guests say…

The building is beautiful,

our room was spacious and very clean and included a terrace with a spectacular view of the sea. We really appreciated the polite staff who just spoiled us at every request. The location is great, you can get to the center of town by foot and you can get a shuttle to the beach.

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