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Things to do in Taormina in a 3-day itinerary

Discover what to see in Taormina in a 3-day itinerary through destinations of extraordinary beauty.

Taormina is a synonym of sea and sun, ancient history, and atavistic cultures. It's one of the most evocative cities of Sicily, with its gaze turned to the Jonian Sea and its soul enraptured by Isola Bella.

Whatever the reason for your trip - a romantic weekend, a family vacation, or a trip to Sicily with friends, there are some must-see attractions. Three days are ideal for exploring all the city's treasures in store, from an artistic, cultural, gastronomic point of view.


What to see on your first day in Taormina

Take advantage of your first day to fully enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, especially if you're visiting Taormina in the summer.In the morning, after a delicious breakfast, pack everything you need for a full day at the exclusive beach Lido Mazzarò. Surrounded by nature, this beach lies just 10 minutes from the historic center and is reachable by cable car.

After a few hours of relaxation on the beach, you are ready to enjoy a natural Sicilian pearl: the nature reserve on Isola Bella, reachable by car or cable car. It is a small islet of earth and green, connected to the mainland by a thin strip of sand. Despite its small size (1 sq. km), Isola Bella is one of Taormina's most famous attractions.

The embrace between its blue sea with the Mediterranean scrub, the different height levels, and the sweet breeze that pampers you lying in the sun make it a destination not to be missed on your vacation in Taormina.


The second day in Taormina: a visit to the city center

After having had your fill of sea and wonder, you can spend the second day of your trip to Taormina, Sicily, on a city tour. You can easily visit the whole historic center on foot, discovering unexpected glimpses in the side streets.The Taormina Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments. Thanks to its particular configuration, as a fortress, it survived over long and turbulent centuries, facing structural changes and authentic reconstructions. Inside, you can admire the masterpieces of some Italian artists, like a Polyptych by Antonello de Saliba.

Continue your walk along the city terrace overlooking the sea: Piazza IX Aprile is the ideal destination for admiring the untouched blue around the coast. This square attracts many people every hour of the day since it offers a fantastic view of the Bay of Naxos and the Isola Bella.

f you feel tired after such a long visit, take a breath of fresh air and quietness at Villa Comunale. With its large gardens, it is perfect for relaxing during your stay in Sicily. Sit in the public park, enchanted by the exotic structures and the fragrance of colorful flowers. Eventually, open your eyes towards the horizon: you will see the unmistakable shape of Mount Etna.


The Greek Theatre of Taormina: the third-day itinerary

The third day of your holiday in Taormina can become a real immersion in folklore and culture. The best way to live the city like a local is an idle walk along the main street, Corso Umberto I. Typical pastry shops, craft shops, fashion boutiques, and colorful windows stand in every corner. Among the souvenirs of your three days in Taormina, do not forget the "teste di moro" and the Sicilian ceramics. Step by step, you will recognize the smell of fresh fish, the pungent aroma of citrus fruits, and one of the desserts made with ricotta cheese, dried fruit, and spices. Taste a homemade granita and enjoy the soft stuffing of freshly made cannoli: they are a must in Sicily.

Conclude your holiday with the majestic Greek Theater of Taormina, a monumental symbol of the ancient Hellenic government. Its construction goes back to the 3rd century BC, but the atmosphere breathed on the stone steps fascinates now as then. If you stay in Taormina during summer, take the opportunity to attend an opera, music, and prose show held almost every night, from June to September, at the Ancient Theater.

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Art nouveau building from the early 20th century

with a fabulous location and well-maintained. You can leave your car here and walk everywhere, as it’s not far from the center of town, or the cable car down to the sea.

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