Perched on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina is a treasure chest worthy of being discovered without haste.

Book your summer holiday at the Hotel Bel Soggiorno in Taormina and take your time to visit our beautiful city. The evocative Greek-Roman theater, the historic center with alleys and squares, the paradisiacal beaches and Isola Bella are just some of the things to see absolutely in Taormina.


Greek Theater, Cathedral and historic center

The original structure of the Greek Theater was built in a panoramic point of incredible impact, from which you can admire the Ionian Sea and the imposing Etna. The building, probably commissioned by the tyrant of Syracuse Ierone II, was rebuilt in Roman times.

Today the famous theater, which once could host up to 5,000 people, is home to concerts and opera performances, especially in summer. The Greek Theater is a real terrace with one of the most beautiful views in all of Sicily. An attraction not to be missed if you visit Taormina.

The Cathedral, dedicated to San Nicola, is located in the homonymous square at the end of Corso Umberto. The church is distinguished by a medieval facade and a beautiful Baroque style door.

Between one monument and another, catch your breath in a green corner with a view, right in the historic center: the Villa Comunale. Originally the park of Lady Florence Trevelyan's home, it is now a typical example of an English garden populated by various species of rare plants. If you wonder what to see in Taormina on the sunniest days, this park is an excellent alternative, in the cool of its leafy trees.

Palazzo Corvaja was the seat of the Sicilian parliament during the fifteenth century, built on the remains of an ancient Roman forum in the city. Today the building houses the Sicilian Museum of Popular Art and Traditions, an interesting attraction for adults and children.


Isola Bella and the beaches of Taormina

When the tide is low, Isola Bella turns into a peninsula. On other days, it is close enough to the mainland to be reached by canoe. On the island you can go on boat excursions, swim in the Blue Grotto or relax on one of the most iconic beaches in Sicily.

Thanks to the unique conformation that makes it similar to a lush garden washed by the sea, the beach of Isola Bella is accessible with a climb of 100 steps. Such an effort is rewarded by a setting worthy of a picture: an expanse of gravel and pebbles stretches over a blue and pristine sea. Here you can settle in an equipped beach or on the stretch of free beach.

Among the most popular beaches of Taormina is Mazzarò, not far from Taormina and Isola Bella. It is an intimate bay set between two rocky promontories, covered with gravel and sand and lapped by clear, shallow waters. Perfect combination of peace and modern services, along the Mazzarò coast you will find many restaurants, clubs and bathing establishments to brighten your day by the sea.

Spisone beach is the favorite destination for lovers of peace: located far from the center, it is less crowded than other beaches, with many free stretches and a few bathing establishments. The wide beach is characterized by an ambivalent conformation: to the south it has overhanging rocks and enchanting views, to the north a long expanse of sand and hyaline sea without rocks.

Mazzeo beach is less known than other beaches in the area, but it deserves a place of honor among the things to see in Taormina. An expanse of gravel framed by a beautiful promenade full of bars, kiosks and restaurants, all embellished by a crystalline sea: this is how Mazzeo beach welcomes you.