Hotel Bel Soggiorno overlooks the enchanting sea of ​​Taormina. Blue sky, blonde sand and a kaleidoscope of turquoise merge into views worthy of a picture.

The generous Mediterranean scrub, the pungent caresses of the brackish and the unmistakable fragrances of Sicilian citrus fruits, envelop the landscape in a dreamlike atmosphere. But it's all true: a holiday in Taormina is synonymous with intimate beaches, green walks and cultural tours.

If the sea is your passion, stay at Hotel Bel Soggiorno, a short distance from the most beautiful beaches of Taormina and its surroundings.


The most famous beaches

The most famous beach in the Taormina area is definitely Isola Bella, whose name already promises wonders. In fact, the bay, enclosed between Capo Sant'Andrea and Capo Taormina, is pervaded by an inimitable charm, thanks to the presence of the Blue Grotto and the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation that embraces the upper part. Isola Bella is accessible via a steep staircase of 100 steps or, more easily, by sea. Access to the shingle and pebble coast is free, you can choose to settle on the stretch of free beach - very crowded on the hottest days - or in one of the serviced beaches. To fully enjoy the most famous beach in Taormina, take a seat at the base of the rock that gives it its name, which can be reached by fording an isthmus of land lapped by the waters.

To the south of Taormina is Giardini Naxos, crowned by a coastline strewn with impalpable and warm sand. It is the only sandy beach in Taormina, a real gem for those who don't like pebbles and rocks. Along the well-kept coast there are beaches equipped with quality services and stretches of free beach. The bottom of the Ionian Sea, particularly low and made velvety by the sand, makes it an ideal destination for families with small children. Giardini Naxos is also a joy for the eyes: just dip your gaze into the distance to intercept surprising angles on Taormina and Castelmola.

Among the beaches of Taormina, Mazzarò stands out for its picturesque character. Located just north of Taormina, it is enclosed between two rocky promontories and surrounded by the embrace of the Mediterranean scrub. A combination of fine gravel and small stones, the bay unfolds on exclusive equipped beaches and a small stretch of free beach. Ideal compromise between relaxation by the sea and nightlife, Mazzarò is crowned with restaurants, bars and clubs open until late at night


The less known beaches

Mazzeo beach is less known than other beaches in Taormina, but equally worthy of pleasant seaside days. The pebble beach is bathed by hyaline and warm waters, perfect for relaxing as a couple or family in absolute tranquillity. Serviced beaches and free stretches run along the coast, adding many comforts to the beach experience.

Among the beaches of Taormina, Spisone is the quietest and least crowded, far enough from the city center and characterized by a greater stretch of free beach. The extraordinary face of eastern Sicily emerges here in a double, surprising conformation: to the south there are overhanging rocks and enchanting views, to the north a long expanse of sand and sea free from rocks unfolds.

Letojanni beach is a haven of calm and blue sea north of Taormina. On a beach of white sand mixed with gravel there are beaches equipped with various services and two km of free beach, kept in excellent condition and ideal for those who love to enjoy the sea in complete freedom. A few steps from the beach there is an association that offers water sports, marine excursions and diving, designed to combine relaxation with some outdoor activities.