Taormina opens up on the Ionian Sea and dominates an immense panorama of which the most active and highest volcano in Europe is a part as well as its splendid beaches. Etna represents a resource for the tourist economy thanks also to the sports infrastructure; a special feature is that of being able to ski, snowboard or ride a toboggan on the snow at the same time as looking at the sea. The area, charming countryside, is protected by a natural park which nobody who is in Sicily should miss visiting. From the ski slopes of the southern side of Sapienza Alpine Mountain Hut (‘Rifugio Sapienza’), it is possible to admire all the Gulf of Catania while from the northern side of Piano Provenzana, the scenery that opens up in front of you includes Taormina.

With regard to Taormina, it is important to specify/make clear/highlight that staying in this wonderful part of Sicily means that you can practise winter sports at the same time as being able to swim in the sea. The Taormina coastline is marked by deep and shallow inlets which gently shape the Riviera; rocks, pebbles and sand are framed by the typical Mediterranean vegetation. The colour of the sea, a crystal clear, strong azure-blue, and that of the rocks, geological wonders of rocky promontories carved by their incomparable beauty, add to the fascination for Taormina.

The little bay of Mazzarò is an inlet south of Cape Sant’Andrea (‘Capo Sant’Andrea’), beyond which there is the charming Isola Bella, today finally becoming a ‘Guided’ Nature Reserve (‘Riserva Naturale Orientata’), which a slender strip of land connects to the shore. The longest beaches however, Spisone and Mazzeo, are to be found north of Mazzarò. The voices of the fishermen who invite all to visit the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) sound all along the Riviera. The azure blue of the sky and of the sea adds to the indisputable scenery. Farewell tourists who are at the end of their dream holiday, taking with them in their hearts the unforgettable “Bel Soggiorno”.