Castelmola - Situated right on the crown of the Mountain, suspended between the sky and the sea, anchored firmly to the living rock: Castelmola. Tiny, mosaic paved roads, small balconies and windows bursting with seasonal flowers and the profile of the Peloritani with the Ziretto and Venere peaks, dominated by the smoking funnel of Etna, sweeping towards the wide and suggestive Gulf of Giardini Naxos in a magical play of light and colours. Once through the entrance arch and up the steps of the Mola castle that dominates the town, there is a splendid view between the sea and the mountains and a flight of steps cut in the rock amongst agaves, aloes, prickly-pear cactuses, scented bushes of capers and the extremely rare Centaurea. Piazza S. Antonio commanding a fine view from where you can enjoy splendid panoramas. And along the road, small shops and windows tumbling over each other, showing the local handcraft of lace and wood engravings. And the welcoming cafes and restaurants just begging you to stop a while. Thirty-five volumes full of signatures to prove its excellent hospitality. - MONUMENTS - Mola Castle The ruins of the XVI century Castle stand at the highest point of the village. The castle was erected on the site of the former medieval walls. Church of S. Giorgio, probably built in the XV century, with a short bell tower of rustic design, it has many works of art, including two paintings from the XVII century and a wooden statue from the XVIII century. Mother Church, built in 1935; the side portal and chancel arch from the original Church (XVI century) were re-installed. Church of S. Biagio, the first church built in the area, it is simple and humble, with a single barrel vault. Saracen Gate, ancient entrance gate of the town.